You might wonder, what is next?
This is our 2022 roadmap.

We are not done today, and certainly not tomorrow. But we will be adding, adding, and adding!

Features coming in Q3

  • Robust checkout system

    Currently already in beta, we will release our checkout system with support for one-time, split and subscription payments. Also you can link unlimited upsells and down-sells!

  • New pre-made templates
    More templates is always a good thing, we like to work that way ourselves. We will add at least a dozen new templates for you to use.
  • Call to action bars
    Our catchy and always present CTA bars stick to the top or bottom of a page and may include buttons, countdown times and text.
  • Team collaboration
    Great things are never done alone. Soon you will be able to invite your partners, VA's, customers, or anyone else to access your projects.
  • Affiliate system

    We will release an in-house affiliate system that enables you and others to earn commissions while selling using the Converdy checkout.

  • New form integrations
    In the wake of this deal, more native integrations will be added with the focus on adding other lifetime deal software.
  • Translations

    We currently don't offer a way to change the language used in our checkout system. But not for long... every single text field will be translatable.

  • New popup triggers

    Wouldn't it be great if popups got more powerful triggers to appear on? We will be adding time based and scroll position based triggers.

Features coming in Q4